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You're here to grow. Life is going to serve you opportunities to grow. Can you seize each opportunity to raise your game; expand your awareness - and serve life right back?

I focus on getting really clear within yourself, and creating balance and total wellbeing, through the practices of Life Coaching and Reiki, in all spheres of life. I work with clients in 1:1 sessions, or remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp. I offer group workshops and Reiki training.

Kerese Thom

Do you feel stuck in relationship patterns that aren’t serving you? Are you struggling with overwhelm, or a medical condition? Do you long for a sense of deep purpose in your life? It’s time to show up for yourself: to truly see YOU, get clear on your deepest needs and be able to prioritise meeting these above all else, so that you can handle the challenges that life may present.

You being balanced, strong, present and clear is not optional: it’s mandatory. This is how you show up powerfully in your life situations, and this is how you take effective action. And there’s never been a more important time than now to level up and start living at your highest level.

I work at the root of your life challenges: I help you to get clear on the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, and how these eventually play out as patterns of behaviour that can sabotage your relationships, careers and even your bank balance.

I am a certified Life Coach and Reiki Master, based in South Africa. I work with individuals and groups, both one-on-one and remotely via online platforms. Drawing on the principles of coaching, energy alignment, breathwork practise and mindfulness, I focus on all areas of deep personal growth and wellbeing, including physical, emotional and mental health, relationships, addiction, grief and financial abundance. 

Only from a space of real awareness can we live more freely and with greater clarity, enjoying fulfilling relationships, quantum healing and true abundance. 

Welcome to the science of designing your life!

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