I focus on personal development and wellbeing, through Reiki and life coaching, in the spheres of health, business, wealth and relationships, in person or remotely.


Group workshops and Reiki training as well as public speaking.

Kerese Thom

I know that we all have the potential to create all our desired outcomes, including living our most inspired lives, and healing our bodies, minds and souls. For me this achieved by creating a state of consciousness that resonates with inner peace; calm. From this mindlful state of pure awareness, we become conscious of that which is holding us back or keeping us stuck. Once we release attachment to old patterns of beliefs and therefore behaviour, we can tune into the infinite potential within us. 

In an age of what seems like disruption, paradigms of what we have come to believe as true are being dismantled. Therefore, there has never been a better time to claim what was yours all along. Welcome to the science behind designing your own future. The pure magic that is our creative process. 


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