I focus on personal development and wellbeing, through  Reiki and Life Coaching, in the spheres of health, business, wealth and relationships. I work with clients in face to face sessions, or remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp.

I offer group workshops and Reiki training as well as public speaking.

Kerese Thom

The entire universe is energy. Our human body is made of energy, and has an energy field through which we’re processing the world constantly. So it's vital that we become connected to our body and its energy field as this is creating our reality. 


If you change the vibrational frequency within the body, it changes the way in which the cells grow and affects how the body looks and works. Your vibrational frequency is created by the (often deep-seated and therefore unconscious) beliefs you hold, the ideas you’re focussing your attention on, and how you project this into the future. All of these thought forms evoke emotional responses – which are amplified energetic states, and together this state of consciousness creates a powerful vibrational frequency. Your state of consciousness, therefore, literally alters and shifts the state and form of your physical reality, from your body, to your business, relationships and bank balance.


I work with energy. As a Life Coach and reiki Master I help my clients to become aware of the unconscious thought patterns that are driving their behaviour, and thereby creating often frustrating and painful experiences. Only with self-awareness and understanding, can we influence the way in which we are experiencing life, so that we can enjoy fulfilling relationships, heal our bodies and create abundance. 


Welcome to the science of designing your life!