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Integrative Health Practitioner

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The Science of Wellness


Kerese Thom

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the power we have to heal ourselves and how this is inextricably linked to our state as spiritual beings. As a child I found the idea of us being powerful creators, able to create our own reality, absolutely intriguing. I was privileged enough to be exposed to very forward-thinking spiritual education, attending a church that was somewhat frowned upon by society - not only because it was founded by a woman, by because the fundamental principle is that as spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God, Source energy, Light; we are infinite potential personified. And then, in perfect synchronicity, I studied various philosophies and explored the world, only to come back home to these same principles, which underpin my work today. 

I've never been comfortable with the kind of therapy that supports the idea of a patient being dependant on the therapist or healer for the healing. What I know for sure is that we are 100% able to heal ourselves and to create the lives we desire, and that sometimes, all we require is a facilitator or healer to provide guidance and clarity. Absolutely anything is possible, no health challenge too severe, no life change too great. 

After having started out studying Law, and then switching to Psychology, I ended up spending over 20 years of my career in media. I had achieved all that I wanted to in media: I'd edited and managed numerous magazines, been a media and business consultant to various publishers and private companies, hosted and co-produced a television as well as hosted my own Wellness radio show. I finally dedided to follow my other passion: wellness. I loved every minute of my media career, especially the mentoring and coaching aspects of my roles: the privilege of being a part of anothers’ journeys towards their passion. But I became aware that my other great passion: that of empowerment, self-development and holistic healing, was calling. I have studied various holistic healing methodologies that compliment and support my thinking including Counselling, Reiki, Life Coaching, Crystal Therapy, Fung Shui, Angel Therapy, and Past Life Regression Therapy. I wasn't clear on how these would all come to play a role in my career one day, but I trusted the process: followed my passion and enjoyed learning and understanding more about these ancient and powerful technicques. Today, I infuse a variety of modalities into my practice, creating bespoke sessions and programs best suited to each individual journey.


I feel a strong sense of urgency and intensity about being holistically well and truly loving - towards self and others - and living my divine purpose. As primary role models for our children, friends and loved ones, we inspire others to live more consciously, to love and honour themselves, trust their intuition and to be the powerful creators that they were born to be. But it is only through BEING holistically well ourselves, living the idea, that we inspire others. And so it is really our own personal journey that counts.

And so quite simply, the greatest act of love you can offer yourself, your family and the world is to focus on you. Isn't that liberating!

It's time to begin your own journey towards empowerment, inspiration and pure joy- welcome to the Science of Wellness!

Love Kerese


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