I focus on self realisation and wellbeing, through the practices of Life Coaching and Reiki, in the spheres of health, business, wealth and relationships. I work with clients in 1:1 sessions, or remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp.

I offer group workshops and Reiki training as well as public speaking.

Kerese Thom

Do you struggle with a physical, mental or emotional condition? Do you long for a more soulful, purpose-led career?  Do you feel that you're constantly attracting dead-end relationships? It's time to realise your true potential! Mindfulness is about being able to observe our thoughts, accessing more awareness about our internal responses to situations, and therefore creating more clarity around the actual experiences we’re having. 


By living from a state of mindfulness, we develop awareness about the often unconscious ideas that we hold about ourselves. These powerful identities and expectations are often rooted at a deep level and even though they're driving our behaviour, and creating frustrating and painful patterns, we are often unaware of how this is working. To enjoy a life of pure freedom: health and wellbeing, freedom from dependency; as well as relationships based on ease and understanding, we have to go deeper and work at the root of the challenge. Mindfulness works at the root: our innermost state of being. But this IS our true work: getting clear on our internal environment: the ideas with which we have identified and the emotional responses to these beliefs -  and understand how this is all connecting with the experiences we’re having.


I am a certified Life Coach and Reiki Master, based in South Africa. I work with individuals and groups, both 1:1 and remotely via online platforms. Drawing on the principles of coaching, energy alignment, Breathwork practise and mindfulness, I focus on all areas of personal growth and wellbeing, including physical, emotional and mental health, relationships, addiction, grief and financial abundance. 


Only from a space of real awareness can we live more freely and with greater clarity, enjoying fulfilling relationships, quantum healing and true wealth and abundance. 


Welcome to the science of designing your life!