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I am a certified Life Coach and Reiki Master, based in South Africa. I work with individuals and groups, both one-on-one and remotely via online platforms. Drawing on my training in law, trauma therapy, personal development coaching, energy alignment and breathwork practise, I focus on all areas of deep personal growth and wellbeing, including physical, emotional and mental health, relationships, addiction, grief and financial abundance. After over 20 fulfilling years in the corporate world, where I utilised my coaching training within the cope of my field, and also practiced energy work as my sideline hustle of pure passion; I decided to follow my own compass needle and practice coaching and energy work on a full-time basis. Being a part of another's journey, where they finally see their own value and start to experience their incredible potential, is nothing short of pure gold for me. It's a privilege and an honour for me to work with the incredible human beings, that I get to call clients.  



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