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Living your truth is not about changing yourself. It's about understanding the infinite potential within and allowing this to flow. As an intuitive healer, I assist you in removing blockages and releasing that which holds you back from living life for your highest good.


A private one-on-one session with me, will involve a 90-minute consultation at my Johannesburg-based practice. 


Cost: R750 per 90-minute session.




Because I work with your energy field, and because energy is completely independent of time and space, distant healing and coaching is just as effective as experiencing a one-on-one session with me at my practice.

With a Distant Healing Session, we would establish a suitable time to for me to work on you, and thereafter, we will Skype or phone to discuss feedback, and for me to answer any questions you may have.  


Cost: R750 per 90-minute session.


Empowering others is my greatest passion. 

I teach a wide range of personal development courses including the following:

*  Basic Energy Training: Understand how to harness your magnificent innate power, and to create the life you want.

*  Reiki (Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Masters). Discover more about this ancient, natural, healing system that works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Course costs vary depending on group size and specifics required. Sign up to my weekly newsletter and I will keep you updated on the latest course information.


Because we are our most creative selves - and therefore our most productive selves - when we are relaxed, happy and well, it is fundamental that every organisation prioritises the wellbeing of their staff; their most significant  assets.


I coach private and corporate groups, as well as individuals, depending on the specific needs of the client. 


Course costs vary depending on group size and specifics required. 


Some of the topics that I’ve recently spoken about:

• Getting clear about your life purpose.

• How to achieve true wellness, no matter what you’re facing.

• Breaking dysfunctional patterns and creating the life you want.

• I'm a mom - what now? Creating and embracing your new identity.

• Connecting with our children, raising our children more intuitively, and with more awareness.

• Preventing and healing from burn out.

• The Creative Workplace –  Ensure connection, employee happiness, and therefore business success.

Please contact me direct for fees.

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