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How Can I Be of Service To You?


As a Life Coach and Reiki Master with over 20 years of experience, my intention for my clients is to create a strong sense of internal balance and clarity in life. Through a hybrid of both energy balancing and life coaching I help to create awareness about the specific and often covert ideas that you hold about yourself. These powerful identities and expectations are usually rooted at a deep level and while they're driving your behaviour, and creating frustrating and painful patterns, we're often not aware of how its all working.  To enjoy more wellbeing, a more purpose-orientated career, easier and more passionate relationships, not to mention more fun in our lives, we have to go deeper than psychological issues, or physical challenges and understand the root of the problem. I work at the root of the challenge. This means that you don't have to change yourself: you have to literally get out of your own way to allow your infinite potential to flow. But this IS your true work - your only work. And there's never been a better time to raise your game, than now! 

I offer private one-on-one sessions, in person and remote. The coaching journey involves a weekly 60-minute consultation, and I will give you exercises to complete in between our sessions. For in-person sessions, I am based in Plettenberg Bay.


For remote sessions, we will have 60-minute weekly WhatsApp or Zoom call coaching sessions, and I will give you exercises to complete in between our sessions. Because I work with your energy field, and because energy is completely independent of time and space, distant energy work and coaching is 100% effective and is as powerful as a one-on-one session with me at my practice.


The number of sessions required is entirely dependant on each individual, and I offer various packages to suit your particular chapter of life. I would highly recommend Package 1 for a first-time coaching client, or someone who is feeling stuck in life, in order to gain the optimal benefit from the momentum that's established by the calibration and guidance that you will enjoy over the 12-week series. 

Option 1: The Intensive Transformational Journey

This powerful 90-day coaching package involves a total of 12 weekly, 60-minute coaching sessions - either in person or via Zoom, as well as intensive practise and structured exercises in between sessions. Prepare to dive deep and unpack all that is holding you back from living your most purposeful life. From the very first session, you will start to enjoy the journey of awareness - of your true self and your incredible potential, and you'll understand how to align with your experiences with more ease, flow and creative freedom: the freedom to create the relationships, a soul-based career and the sense of complete well-being that you desire.  This is the deep transformation you've been looking for.


What you get:

12 X 60-minute intensive coaching sessions over 90 days

Energy balancing and reading before each coaching session

Weekly exercises and breath work

Notes on relevant topics we cover in our sessions

Total Package: R10 800

Option 2: The Coaching Mini Series

This intensive 4-session package offers you the opportunity to workshop through a more specific focus, or deal with a challenge in a very specific particular life area. Here, we will focus on getting clear on what's keeping you stuck; identify the 'blindspots' that don't make sense; and get you moving forwards in alignment with the trajectory of ease, freedom and balance. Each week, for 4 weeks we will have a 60-minute intensive coaching session, either in-person or via WhatsApp call or Zoom call. You will be expected to complete some intensive practise and structured exercises in between sessions. If you'd like some further coaching after completing the Mini Coaching Series, we can schedule some additional sessions on a drop-in basis, as and when you require these. It's time to become unstuck and to start enjoying the life you were born to live! Let's get started.

What you get:

4 X 60-minute intensive coaching sessions over 30 days

Energy balancing and reading before each coaching session

Weekly exercises and breath work

Notes on relevant topics we cover in our sessions

Total Package: R3 600

Option 3: Individual Sessions - The once-off drop-in

The once-off sessions are powerful for gaining clarity, support and guidance on a very particular challenge you're currently facing. These also work especially well when you've already completed some coaching with me and you need a refresher.  Because life is about growth and personal development, we should expect challenges to arise - in every area of our lives. And this is awesome because it shows us how we can grow further! Let's get growing and optimise every opportunity that life is presenting to us. 


What you get:

1 X 60 minute intensive coaching session

Energy balancing and reading before each coaching session

Exercises to practice after our session

Total cost per session: R1 200

To help understand whether this process is for you, let's have a quick 15-minute introductory call and we can assess whether we're a good fit? 


 I teach a wide range of personal development and healing courses, and I curate short courses specifically for my clients' needs. These can be done in person, or online. Some of my popular training courses including the following:

*  Reiki (Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Masters). Discover more about this powerful ancient Japanese healing system that works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

* Mindfulness and breath work for managing anxiety in adults and children. This course can be enjoyed directly with children, or tailored for empowering parents and teachers. 

* Coach on Call: Purchase your very own 10-day mindfulness coaching program, where you will receive a daily 20-minute podcast workshop, for 10 days. You will also receive all the practical exercises that you can implement to embed the theory into your being. The podcast messages, notes and exercises will be sent directly to your phone or laptop, and you will be able to listen to these repeatedly whenever you need a reminder! 


* Basic Energy Training: Understand how to harness your innate power, and to create the life you want. This course includes clearing, protecting and balancing your energy field, as well as understanding how to ground yourself. 

Course costs vary depending on group size and specifics required. Contact me for a quote.


An organisation's productivity is dependant on the state of wellbeing of the individuals that form the group's collective.  To get clear on your organisation's direction, establish a more soul-based business or to create a strong and unified team, let's create a program tailored to your company's needs.

Before you invest in marketing your brand, or designing a website, let's get really clear on your business intentions and then ensure that your entire team is in sync with this.  It's time to optimise your brand's potential. 

Contact me direct to discuss 


Some of the topics that I’ve recently spoken about:

  • Getting clear about your life purpose.

  • Dealing with Anxiety - coping mechanisms for adults and children.

  • Breaking dysfunctional patterns and creating the life you want.

  • I'm a mom - what now? Creating and embracing your new identity.

  • Connecting with our children, raising our children more intuitively, and with more awareness.

  • Create balance: your natural state of being.

  • The Creative Workplace –  Ensure connection, employee happiness, and therefore business success.


Contact me direct to discuss 

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