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Case Study, Candice*, Kenilworth UK - Grief & Direction

I began working with Candice, 37 a few months after she had lost her husband after their long battle with his terminal illness. Candice felt completely stuck and unable to move forward despite the incredible support of well-meaning family and friends constantly trying to encourage her in various directions.

Over a period of time what became more and more apparent was not just the grieving process that was at hand, that needed to just be allowed. Candice felt increasingly unable to make sound decisions or to have a sense of direction in her life, which often lead to a dependence on external sources for direction, confirmation and validation. Our journey has been an incredible one - through weekly coaching sessions conducted over the phone  - coupled with exercises that Candice had to complete in between sessions - we have focussed on creating mindful awareness and space within, so that Candice could experience more clarity.

Candice’s chapter has involved rediscovering an internal source of not only wisdom and insights, but a deep sense of knowing and ultimately love. This deeper connection with a sense of love is what Candice felt that she had lost when her husband passed away. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey to watch Candice reconnect with that sense of love - a state of being that was with within her all along.

* Names have been changed to honour client's privacy.


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