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Case Study, Kate*, Ballito - Anxiety & Depression

When Kate, 34, a marketing manager at a retail group, first came to see me she had been battling with very severe anxiety, depression, panic attacks and self harming. She would often get to a point of wanting to take her own life because of this incredible sense of hopelessness about the future.

Kate had suffered a very traumatic childhood, having been sexually abused by numerous members of her family. I worked with Kate over a period of nine months, focusing on creating a deeper understanding of how cycles of thought patterns, based on Kate’s core beliefs about her lack of value and worth, were keeping her stuck in a pattern of thinking and therefore behaving. Kate had an incredible fear of abandonment which very powerfully directed her creative process in most areas of her life.

Our initial focus was intensive, daily coaching sessions to establish some foundations from which we could move forward optimally: Understanding Kate’s sleep patterns, working closely with her medical practitioners about her medication, ensuring that she was nutritionally and physically balanced, was our starting point. From there, we were able to create and implement a mindfulness program, using various coaching and energy healing tools and exercises that Kate could consistently practice to enjoy a more conscious experience of life.

Gradually over time, we reduced our coaching sessions to bi-weekly and then weekly meetings.

* Names have been changed to honour client's privacy.


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