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Case Study: Lucy and Rob* - Using time too grow

When Lucy and Rob travelled to the UK, they had to go into quarantine for a period of 10 days, as per the UK requirements for Covid. They asked me top curate a 10 day course for them, focussing on creating a more mindful state of being, that they could practise for this period of time, so that once they were able to travel, they could literally move forwards transformed. This time of quarantine because a wonderful time of learning and growing: our real work.

I put together a daily 20-minute podcast series for Rob and Lucy, coupled with practical breath work and mindfulness exercises that they could practise in between each podcast. Given this incredible luxury of space, we have the choice to fight this, thereby creating more of a sense of resistance in our lives, or embrace this as an opportunity to grow and expand our awareness. I hope you choose the latter!

* Names have been changed to honour client's privacy.


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