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Case study - Phillipa* - Johannesburg: Self Sabotage

When Phillipa first started her coaching journey she had been through a series relationships and family challenges that had ended in a lot of hurt and pain. Phillipa had done years and years of work on herself: attended courses and unpacked a lot of family baggage, and yet she found that she just kept experiencing the same suffering and kept attracting relationships that didn't work out.

Phillipa signed up for the three month Intensive Coaching Program, having weekly hour-long coaching sessions online, and practising the mindfulness and breath work exercises, as well as practical coaching exercises in between. We focussed on getting really clear on the underlying ideas that Phillipa held about herself: blind spot beliefs that kept her stuck in a pattern of repeatedly seeking what she felt she deserved, but which was actually settling for far less than what she actually wanted. The hard work and struggle started to feel lighter; the internal turmoil reduced and was replaced with an inner state oil calm and finally, Phillipa got really clear on how she was living her life, what she was doing; and how she could create her experiences very differently.

Phillipa has literally changed the way she lives her life: she is now in an amazing relationship (with someone she had known for a long time), she lives with more freedom, more presence and is now enjoying the learning processes that life has to offer, as opposed to struggling through these chapters. When she needs the support, Phillipa has drop-in coaching sessions with me to workshop through very specific challenges as these arise.

* Names have been changed to honour client's privacy.


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