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Case Study, Robert*, Cape Town - Personal Development, Business Alignment

Robert, 48, and I have worked together on both his personal development as well as business alignment and vision for over 10 years. When Robert first came to see me we focussed more on well-being, balance and Robert’s personal transformation process, using a combination of Reiki and coaching techniques.

Over the years, it has been most rewarding to work with Robert on creating an increasingly deeper understanding of how he, as the creator of his life in all fields: business, family, finances, relationships and health - is his priority, and in turn leads to professional development. Our main focus over the past year has been on weekly phone coaching sessions with Robert as he has expanded his business enterprises in both London and the UAE.

Robert’s ongoing coaching work is about the ever-evolving awareness of ourselves and how this deeper understanding of us and our creative process ultimately leads us back to enjoying our experience from a sense of greater ease and more freedom.

* Names have been changed to honour client's privacy.


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